OpenEdge 10.2A simple FAQ

Can the OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET be used in any development environment?
A. The OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET has a restricted license and can only be used within an OpenEdge environment. Customers wishing to use the Infragistics Controls in a non-OpenEdge environment will have to purchase an unrestricted license directly from Infragistics.

The controls can be purchased and installed only if the customer has one of the following OpenEdge products:
• Development:
• OpenEdge Architect
• OpenEdge Studio
• 4GL Development
• OE Development Server

What are the key features of 10.2A?
• OpenEdge GUI for .NET including a new Visual Designer in OpenEdge Architect
• OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET (optional product) (see below for additional information)
• OpenEdge Architect usability and performance enhancements
• New OpenEdge Architect XML, XML schema, and WSDL editors, and XPATH helper
• Additional Object Oriented (OO) extensions, garbage collection
• Oracle DataServer CLOB, and both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server datetime data type support
• Support for Windows Server 2003 (OpenEdge server products)
• Windows Server 2008 64-bit