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Here is your chance to share your OpenEdge expertise with the world!

Be world famous for 60 seconds!

Gus and John are collecting tips from the OpenEdge community to be
a talk entitled “60 Tips in 60 Minutes” which will be presented at
BravePoint’s June 11-12 Virtual Interchange (see below for info)

The purpose of this talk will be to share valuable information and
techniques among the community.  We know that all of you know lots of
that would be useful for your peers to know too.  Otherwise, you
wouldn’t be
a PEG member (you are, aren’t you?) and subscriber.

We have developed a FAQ (below) to address questions you might have
this effort and we encourage you to participate


Gus Bjorklund and John Harlow


What should my tip be?
Anything related to OpenEdge development, deployment
or infrastructure.

How detailed should my tip be?
Your tip must fit on a single PowerPoint slide and it
must be possible to explain it in 60 seconds.

Should I include code?
Absolutely, as long as your tip fits on a single slide.

What’s in it for me?
Recognition. We will recognize the submitter of each tip
we include in the talk.  A handful of tips that particularly
excite us will be awarded an actual prize of inestimable value.
You are the author. John and Gus are merely the transmitters.

How do I submit my tip?
Email it (along with your name as you would like to be
recognized in the presentation) to <>

If I submit a tip, how do I know you will use it?
You don’t. Gus and John are the final arbiters of which tips are
chosen and their criteria are closely guarded (although it is safe
to say that if your tip can’t be contained in a single slide it
has less chance of being chosen.)

Can the presenters be bribed to include my tip?
This type of question needs to be handled offline and probably
involves some form of beer.

Can I see all of the tips that are chosen?
Absolutely, we will broadcast the talk live during the Virtual
Conference. Then, after the conference both the video and the
slide decks will be made available.

What is Virtual Interchange?
Virtual Interchange is an online conference organized by
BravePoint and sponsored by
Progress Software
White Star Software

When will the Virtual Conference take place?
Please go to for information.
Note: More information and the registration page will be
available in a few days.